Written on 11/29/2021
Nancy Secrest

“Work six days, but rest on the seventh day. Rest even during plowing time and gathering time.” 

Exodus 34:2

Tis’ the season to be __________________. How will you fill in the blank each day of this holiday season? 

I am always challenged to keep a healthy balance between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The LORD wants us to rest, He knows us, He knows we need it, no matter what the season! 

 Here are a few things we can do today to help set a pattern for the next month: 

  • Disconnect from distractions: especially social media. It is easy to compare, to see things that “you have to have or have to do” and run out to make it happen. What if you set a goal and a budget today that fits your family? 
  • Take some time today and write down what distracts you the most during this season.  
  • What steals your peace?  

Colossians 3:2 says “Keep your minds thinking about things in heaven. Do not think about things on the earth.” 

This can seem overwhelming at times because there is so much to do to make the season special for our families. However, if we are frazzled, disorganized, rushed, distracted, and edgy, unfortunately, all the lights and décor will not distract our families from our demeanor.  

Rest, refresh, renew and recover. Keep up with the routines we have been practicing and when the busyness of the season starts to creep in, shift back into the “R’s”.  

Take the time each and every day and spend it in prayer and reading the Word, Jesus gift of daily bread is the best gift of the season! 

Moms, please join me this Wednesday, December 1, for Moms & Muffins. We will gather from 10-11 a.m. at the Grace Ministry Center. An RSVP is appreciated.

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