Celebrating Second Generation Alumni

Written on 05/01/2024
Polly Shoemaker

Honoring Legacy and Confidence in Worthington Christian School

In the rich tapestry of educational institutions, a special bond exists when alumni return to their alma mater, not just as former students, but as parents of the next generation. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy and unwavering confidence in the values and education imparted by the institution. This year, Worthington Christian School proudly acknowledges eight graduates from the Class of 2024 who carry on this tradition as second-generation alumni.

The significance of second-generation alumni lies not merely in their familial ties to the school, but in the implicit trust and belief their parents place in Worthington Christian. These graduates represent a continuation of a legacy built on academic excellence, character development, spiritual formation, and a nurturing community. For these families, choosing Worthington Christian for their children is more than just a matter of tradition; it’s a deliberate decision based on their firsthand experiences of the transformative impact of a WC education. This is a sacred trust we cherish deeply.

Join us in celebrating the 2024 Second Generation Alumni

Thank you, Creative Moments Photography and Brian Shindle, for providing the images.