Written on 01/21/2021
Vicki Miller

Dean Fulks wears many hats across the Central Ohio community. You can find him delivering sack lunches to school kids or coordinating church planters in Columbus and abroad. But most days, you can find Dean at Lifepoint Church in Lewis Center ministering to others or preparing for Sunday service. You might also hear him tell a funny story on 104.9 the River. At WC, you will find Dean on the basketball court investing in young women’s lives guiding them to make an eternal difference.

How would you describe your role at WC?
“Coaching is an opportunity to build Gospel life into students via extracurricular activities.”

How did you get into coaching?
“Athletics played a unique role in my own personal development, so as I prayed about how to invest in the next generation, it seemed like a fit.”

What is the most rewarding thing for you about coaching?
“We are built to be brave. So, watching students grow in their confidence in both their spiritual and athletic skills, feels like we are making an eternal difference.”

How do you incorporate faith into your coaching?
“Hopefully, everything we do, as believers, is faith-filled. One way that we do that with our players is by talking about the Scriptures and their applications outside of basketball. For example, we spent time this season talking with the young ladies on our team about how looking to God as our Help (Ps. 121) means that we don’t have to determine our value/worth based on what others may say/think about us.”