Tim Kraynak Featured on Be a Baller Podcast Ahead of Father’s Day

Written on 06/14/2024
Libby Montgomery

Kraynak Discusses Building a Legacy of Fatherhood, Faith, and Integrity in Education and Coaching

On this Special Fathers Day edition of Be A Baller Podcast, Coach Tim Brown sits down with Tim Kraynak, Worthington Christian’s Upper School Principal, to uncover the essence of standing out. Tim opens up about his deep-rooted values, instilled by his father and nurtured through a spiritual journey that began at just twelve years old. They delve into the unique dynamics of fatherhood, particularly within sports. Tim shares heartfelt stories of coaching his sons, balancing expectations, and fostering positive relationships.

Discover how reading Boys Won’t Be Boys with his teenage son initiated pivotal conversations about maintaining individuality and family values in a conformist world. They also tackle the core principles fathers impart to their sons, emphasizing the importance of calmness, control, toughness, humility, and communication. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the lifelong parenting journey, replete with emotional highs and lows, and underscores the enduring legacy of integrity, service, and hard work.

Coach Brown’s podcast is uniquely tied to Worthington Christian, as almost all of its 60 episodes have been recorded in our WC Studio at the Upper School campus! Our Worthington Christian Video Production Class records the podcast and helps with the post-production editing. It is one of the great ways our Media Center Director, David Stoll, provides an experiential learning opportunity to students.

We hope you take a moment to listen to Coach Kraynak’s episode and more from the “Be a Baller” podcast.